How the downloads work for Premiere Members

One of the most commonly asked questions and misunderstandings about the site has to do with ‘how the downloads work.’  So, I wanted to create a post that best explains how everything works and what counts as a download, and what doesn’t.  I’ve got video tutorials that I strongly encourage you to watch as it explains everything much better than I could write it out.  But first – Watching videos and accessing video does NOT count against your download limit.  You can stream in and watch as many videos as you’d like.  This is unlimited!

Second, anytime you click on a link in the ‘lesson materials/downloads’ it will count against your overall limit.  Unless it’s from “The Vault,” the ‘Beginner’s Course’ or the lesson is marked Free.

Third, I usually have two downloads for every song.  One is just the PDF file of the tabs. The second one is .zip file containing the tabs and practice tracks.  I do this because PDF files are much easier to handle on mobile and tablet.  .Zip files can be a bit trickier and require an extra step. Plus, I have the audio tracks embedded on the lesson page so you can stream these in as well.  If you’re comfortable ‘unpacking’ a .zip file then you really only need to download one item for each lesson.


There is no longer a download limit on tabs and audio tracks, thus, there is unlimited downloading. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “How the downloads work for Premiere Members”


    I think I left a comment in the wrong place. I said I thought the system had me as having used all my downloads even though I had since renewed. I think I see the reason now: the reset is on the first or second of the month. Thank you!

  2. The easiest way to keep people from downloading everything and canceling is to provide new content. It’s easy to click on 8 links in a 30 day month and now I’m stuck having to fast forward through your videos where you talk half the time to learn the songs. When I cancel it will be because of the download limit so your losing either way. I’d rather just pay good money for good service.

    1. Hey Justin- I’ve removed the download limit (as of 3/10/22) and now there are unlimited downloads (tabs/notation and practice tracks) for Premiere Members. 🙂