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Slow-down and loop any section of the lesson while watching the sheet music and video go by at the same time!

Soundslice is one of the most powerful practice tools online and I’m excited to offer to this feature to Premiere Members! 

If you’ve been struggling to ‘put it all together’ or can’t seem to master certain licks, phrases, or passages then I encourage you to give it a try!

This tool is available on nearly every lesson and course at the site!

Save Time!

Master the tricky parts!

Personalize your practice!

Watch Soundslice in action!

Speed up and Slow Down the playback!

Loop tricky sections until you master them!

Go Full Screen!

Personalize your playback!

Several Different Views to Choose From!

Different ways to view the tab and notation!

Access Soundslice and all it's features today!