The Video Exchange Program

  • Only Available for Premiere Members!
  • Kind and Constructive Feedback
  • Private Lesson Atmosphere
  • Inspire Others in The Community
  • Get Specific Questions Answered
  • Watch yourself grow as a player
  • Build a relationship with a Teacher

How it works...

Step 1

Record a video and upload it to Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo or anywhere else.

Step 2

Send me an email that includes the link to your video

Step 3

You will get a response within 7-10 days with feedback on your video.

Recent Video Reviews

Tom - 1/7/19
This Little Light of Mine
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Donnie - 9-26-18
Walk on Boy
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Sean - 7/24/18
Sean - Rhythm Series and Salty Dog -
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Josh - 7/12/18
Josh - Nine Pound Hammer - Three Arrangements
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Donnie - 7/17/18
Donnie - Wayfaring Stranger
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Steve - 5/18/18
Steve - Angel Band
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Andre - 5/1/18
Andre - The Storms are on the Ocean -
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