The Rhythm Series

This course is jammed packed with everything you need to become a better rhythm player for 5 of the most popular keys!

Create Energy Within Your Rhythm

You're going to learn multiple strumming patterns so your rhythm playing never gets old!

Bass Walks, Runs, and Fills

We'll be learning tons of bass walks and runs to help spice up your rhythm!

Start Jamming With Others

Once you've become a better rhythm player you'll start jamming with confidence!

  • Over 8 Hours of Video
  • PDF Tabs For Each Key
  • Master Several Strumming Patterns
  • Work on Keys of C, D, G, A, and E
  • 6-7 Progressions for Each Key
  • Bass Walks and Ornamentations
  • Advance Your Rhythm Playing

Preview the progressions for each key...

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Key of C

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Key of G

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Key of D

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Key of A

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Key of E