Rhythm Series - Improving Your Rhythm Guitar Using Common Chord Progressions

Here is the "Rhythm Ideas Package" for the ALL 5 KEYS! Each key comes with 6 to 7 different chord progressions. This is a great resource to have around to enhance your rhythm playing! Each progression has its own feel/genre so you're able to apply these strumming patterns and "moves" to all sorts of tunes. Within each progression I go over things such as basic strumming patterns, bass walks, sus chords, hammer-ons/pull-offs, and embellishments.

Expand Your Rhythm Playing!


There are a ton of ideas within this package and I promise it will breathe some fresh air into your rhythm playing! This package has a value of over $100.  You get 5 Keys (C, G, D, A, E),  6 Progressions for C, G, D and  7 Progressions for A and E. I have included an Am and Em chord progression as well.

This package comes with PDF tabs for each key (4-6 pages a key), a master strumming chart (over 12 strumming patterns), two "Getting Started" videos, and full-length video for each lesson.

The videos run between 12-20 minutes for each progression. In total, there are over 8 hours of video!



$64.95 USD

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What others are saying about the Rhythm Series

Ryan, Thank you so much for your lessons. I find the tab, video lessons and back-up to be extremely helpful. I have been playing the guitar for years and have just recently started playing solos. I feel grateful that I found your web site and with your help, feel I am finally understanding the guitar more as well as playing better.
Dee Gregory
Kernville, California
I played guitar as a teenager but didn't keep at it. Ten years ago I took up guitar again. Several times over that period I attempted to get going using various online sources. Each time, I'd partially learn a few tunes but never knew what to work on next. I wasn't making progress, and my interest fizzled. Since I discovered MusicWithRyan.com, things have been different. The Guitar eCourse101 was a great quick refresher. The copious tabs and video lessons are varied and entertaining, and the videos are always available when guidance on how to play a particular passage is needed. The outstanding Rhythm Course is helping me improve quickly. If I can learn to play those progressions cleanly, I'll finally have some chops! Ryan communicates willingly with site members, and he makes new material available on a weekly basis. MusicWithRyan.com has been a pretty good deal for me.
Apple Valley, MN
I made hard copies of the p.d.f. sheets and organized them in a notebook for easy reference. When I want to spice up a song I go to my rhythm series p.d.f sheets and choose the corresponding key and pick tricks to learn to add flavor to my song. This course is jam packed full of fun tricks (tools)! Ryan is a great instructor. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to add tricks to their tool box. Thank you Ryan for your dedication to teaching guitar!!
Americus, GA
I love this website. I found it when searching for Carter-style arrangements - and I am now completely hooked. Working my way through the Rhythm tutorial section right now - which I am enjoying. Finally seeing some improvement in my playing. Thank you Ryan.
Giselle Pyfrom
Been playing for years and this is what I was missing. I would recommend this as a starting point for any guitar player that needs that “Something” else. My strumming ideas just got a whole lot better. I still need to get to the other Keys but so far its just amazing that such a concept that you created really changed my style of level of play. After I gone trough this key I applied it to the regular stuff I play and went Busking with the new Ideas. What a response from the public. You are simply the best and the world needs more people like you, sharing the passion en enjoyment that is Guitar. All the way from South Africa. Thank you very much. T-Man
Tinus Bezuidenhout
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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