Video Lessons

10 Licks in the Key of Am - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Bluesy Licks in the Key of E - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Licks for the Key of C - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Licks for the Key of C - #2 - Intermediate
10 Licks for the Key of D - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Licks for the Key of D - #2 - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Licks for the Key of G - Intermediate to Advanced
10 Licks for the Key of G - #2 - Intermediate to Advanced
12 Bar Blues in A - Intermediate to Advanced
12 Bar Blues in G - Two Solos
12 Bar Blues - Licks and Phrases - Intermediate to Advanced
Amazing Grace - Key of C - 2 Arrangements
Amazing Grace in Key of C - Carter Style
Amazing Grace in Key of G - Carter Style
Amazing Grace - Simple Melody Solo in G
Amazing Grace - Delta Blues Style - Beginner
Amie - Full Song Lesson - (Pure Prairie League)
Angel From Montgomery - Sing and Play
Angels We Have Heard on High - Beginner
Angeline The Baker- Intermediate
Are You Washed in The Blood - Beginning Carter Style
Arkansas Traveler - Beginning to Intermediate
AshokanFarewell - Beginning to Inter.
Auld Lang Syne - Beginner
Away in a Manger - Beginner
Banks of the Ohio - Carter Style
Battle Hymn of The Republic - 2 Arrangements (Glory Glory Hallelujah)
Beaumont Rag - Intermediate to Advanced
Be Thou My Vision - 2 Arrangements
Big Sciota - Advanced
Bill Cheatham  - Intermediate
Billy in the Lowground - Advanced
Blackberry Blossom - Intermediate
Black Mountain Rag - Intermediate
Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain - Advanced 
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain in the key of E - Carter Style
Blue Moon of Kentucky - Intermediate
Blue Ridge Cabin Home - Intermediate
Boogie Woogie Blues in A - Intermediate to Advanced
Bury Me Beneath the Willow - Beginning and Advanced
Catfish John - Intermediate
Cherokee Shuffle - Intermediate
Clinch Mountain Backstep - Intermediate to Advanced
Country and Blues - Fingerstyle Study Piece
Cripple Creek - Beginning and Intermediate - 2 Arrangements
Cross-Picking Accompaniment for 3/4 - Exercise
Crying Holy Unto The Lord - Advanced
Dark Highway - Em Exercise - David Rawlings Style
Dark Hollow - Intermediate
Darling Think of What You've Done - Advanced Bluegrass
David Rawlings Inspired Rhythm Lesson - Key of G
Deck The Halls - 2 Arrangements
Deep Elm Blues - Advanced
Delta Blues - Study #1 - Adv. Beginner
Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler - Intermediate to Advanced
Down Home Blues in E - Intermediate to Advanced
Drifting Too far from the Shore - Carter Style
East Virginia Blues - Carter Style

Faded Love - Beginning and Advanced
Fisher's Hornpipe - Intermediate Fiddle Tune
Foggy Mountain Breakdown - 2 Arrangements Advanced
Foggy Mountain Top - Intermediate Video
Forked Deer - Intermediate
Fox on The Run - Intermediate to Advanced
Freight Train - Carter Style
Freight Train - Fingerstyle - Beginning and Inter.
Gold Rush - Fiddle Tune
Gold Watch and Chain - 2 Arrangements
Goodnight Irene - 2 Arrangements - Intermediate
Good Ol' Mountain Dew - 2 Arrangements
Hallelujah - Beginner Fingerstyle
Hey Good Lookin' - Intermediate
Home Sweet Home - Carter Style
How Great Thou Art - Carter Style
How Mountain Girls Can Love - Beginning to Intermediate
I am a Pilgrim Tab - Advanced
In The Pines - Beginner
In The Sweet By and By - Beginner Carter Style
I'll Fly Away - Beginning and Advanced 
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Intermediate to Advanced
I Saw the Light - Beginner Bluegrass
Jerusalem Ridge - Advanced
Jingle Bells - Beginning to Intermediate
John Hardy - Carter Style
Just a Closer Walk With Thee - 2 Arrangements
Keep on The Sunny Side - Advanced
Keep on The Sunny Side - Carter Style
Kentucky Waltz Solo - Advanced
Kentucky Waltz  -Advanced Rhythm
Lay Down My Ol' Guitar - 2 Arrangements
Lay Me Down A Pallet - Advanced Guitar Solo
Little Georgia Rose - Beginning Bluegrass
Little Maggie - Intermediate
Little Mountain Church House - Carter Style - Ricky Skaggs
Little Sadie - 2 Arrangements
Lonesome Road Blues - Beginner Bluegrass
Long Black Veil - Carter Style
Long Hard Road - Carter Style
Long Journey Home (Two Dollar Bill) 
Man of Constant Sorrow - Beginning and Advanced
Man of Constant Sorrow in G - Advanced
Me and Bobby McGee - Carter Style
Michael Row Your Boat Ashore - 3 Arrangements
Milk Cow Blues - Solo and Rhythm Lesson
New River Train - Intermediate
Nine Pound Hammer - 3 Solos and 2 Rhythm Lessons - Bluegrass Study Piece
Nine Pound Hammer  - Advanced
Oh! Susanna - Beginner
Ol' Joe Clark - Beginner
Old Country Church - Beginner Carter Style
Old Home Place - Intermediate to Advanced
Over the Waterfall - Intermediate to Advanced
Peace in the Valley - 2 Arrangements
Peach Picking Time in Georgia - Advanced (Rhythm)
Peach Picking Time in Georgia -  Advanced (Solo)
Pig in a Pen - Intermediate
Rabbit in a Log (Feast Here Tonight) - 2 Arrangements
Red Haired Boy - Intermediate
Red River Valley - Carter Style and Intermediate
Red Wing - Intermediate
Rhythm Walks in G - Exercise #1 (Rhythm Month - Lesson #2)
Ripple - Intro and Rhythm 
Road to Columbus - Intermediate to Advanced
Rock Salt and Nails - 2 Arrangements
Rocky Top - Intermediate
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - Bluegrass Study Piece - 3 Solos and 2 Rhythm Lessons
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - Beginning to Intermediate
Roll on Buddy - 2 Arrangements
Rosa Lee McFall - Intermediate

Saint Anne's Reel - Intermediate
Sally Goodin' - Beginner
Salt Creek - Intermediate
Salty Dog - Beginning to Advanced
San Antonio Rose - Beginning to Intermediate
San Fransico Bay Blues - Intermediate
Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Intermediate
Shady Grove - Intermediate and Advanced
She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain - Carter Style 
Silent Night - Advanced
Silent Night - CaterStyle
Silent Night - Delta Blues Style - Beginner
Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Carter Style
Sitting on Top of the World - Advanced
Smooth and Cool - 12 Bar Blues in A
Soldier's Joy - Beginner
Soulful Blues in G - 2 Arrangements
St James Infirmary - Intermediate
Stealin - Advanced
Summertime - Advanced Solo
Sweet and Nice - Beginning and Intermediate - Fingerstyle Blues in A
Sweet Georgia Brown -  Intermediate
Take My Hand Precious Lord - Carter Style
Temperance Reel - Beginner
Tennessee Flat-Top Box - Solo and Rhythm Lesson
Tennessee Waltz - Intermediate
The First Noel - Beginner Lesson
The Old Home Place - Intermediate to Advanced
The Old Rugged Cross - Intermediate
The Storms are on the Ocean - Advanced
The Storms are on The Ocean - Carter Style
This Land is Your Land - 2 Arrangements - Beginner
This Little Light of Mine - 2 Arrangements - Beginner
Turkey in the Straw - Intermediate
Wabash Cannonball - Intermediate
Walk on Boy - 2 Arrangements
Wayfaring Stranger - Beginning to Intermediate
We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Beginner
What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Carter Style
Where the Soul of the Man Never Dies - 2 Arrangements
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Intermediate
White Freightliner Blues - Advanced
Why You Been Gone So Long - Advanced
Wildwood Flower - Beginning - (FREE)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Advanced
Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Fingerstyle
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Carter Style
Working on a Building - INtermediate
Worried Man Blues - Carter Style and Intermediate
Yellow Rose of Texas - Carter Style
You Are My Sunshine - Advanced
You Are My Sunshine - Beginner Carter Style- (Free!)
You Ain't Going Nowhere (Easy Chair) - Intermediate
Your Love is Like a Flower - 2 Arrangements - Intermediate


If you'd like to buy a handful of lessons and save a few bucks doing so, have a look at some of the packages below!

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Gospel Package #3 – 5 Videos

My library of gospel tunes continues to expand.  I went ahead and put together a 3rd package of gospel songs for you to work on!  Each lesson comes with 20-40 minutes of video, 3-5 practice tracks, and PDF tabs.  I also have rhythm lessons for all of these tunes plus…


Gospel Package #4 – All Carter Style, All in The Key of G

All in the key of G and all done in the Carter Style!  This package contains some classic gospel hymnals that most everyone will recognize.  This is a great package for the beginner looking to play in the Carter Style as each lesson involves a basic melody.   This purchase…


Bluegrass Standards Package of 10 Videos

Here is a great package of 10 tunes to really open up your bluegrass set list.  These are all very popular tunes and must knows for the jam.  These arrangements are in the intermediate to advanced level.  Enjoy. Nine Pound Hammer - Old Home Place - Blue Ridge Cabin Home…


Old-Time Package #1

Here is a nice little package to get you going on some Old-time fiddle tunes.  These are certainly classic tunes for people who really enjoy picking fiddle tunes.  I would say 4 out of the 5 tunes are written at an intermediate level with "Home Sweet Home" being a beginner…


Folk Songs #1

Here are five great folk tunes that almost all acoustic players and lovers will enjoy.  Most of these tunes are at an intermediate level.  The lesson for "Angel from Montgomery" is a "how to sing and play" lesson so, there is no lead for that one.  These tunes are great…


Carter Bundle #5

If you enjoy playing in the Carter Style then this another great package to consider.  All of these tunes are very popular in the Bluegrass and Old-time circles.  All of these tunes have great melodies as well.  These arrangements are geared toward the beginner Carter style player.  Enjoy   Freight…


Gospel Package #2 – 5 Videos

I get lots of requests for gospel songs and they've begun to pile up so I created another package for the gospel lover.  These arrangements are everywhere from beginner to advanced.  Two of the songs have two arrangements included to help give you plenty of ideas for building your own…


Bluegrass Standards #1 – 5 Videos

Here is a nice package of five bluegrass songs you'll hear at just about any jam session.  Most of these arrangements are at the intermediate to advanced level and are directed towards people looking for fresh ideas for their playing, highlightable bluegrass licks, and to incorporate melody along the way.…


Bluegrass Standards #2

Here is another great list of bluegrass tunes that'll you'll come across when jamming at the festivals or listening to bands from the crowd.  These arrangements are in the intermediate to advanced level.  These are some very fun tunes to sing and play!  Enjoy. I Saw the Light - Worried…

Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar eCourse 101

This is my 12 lesson "Beginner Guitar eCourse" for the beginning guitarist!  This is great for someone that has never picked up the guitar or has been messing around on it for 3-12 months.  This course features a new song for each of the 12 lessons.  Each lesson covers a new…


Gospel Package #1 – Video

Here is the Gospel Video Package #1.  I have included 5 different tunes and 7 total arrangements.  This purchase will come with 4 hours of video, PDF tabs, and 3-4 practice tracks for each arrangement.  Many of these arrangements are done in the Carter Style while a few of them…


The Holiday Package #1 – Video

I have put together my first holiday package. Four of the five arrangements are in a beginning to intermediate level. I think you'll find these tunes and arrangements a great way to sit around the house and enjoy the holiday spirit. Jingle Bells - Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

$22.49 $11.99

Solos for 10 Vocal Tunes #1 – Video

This package is involves solos for each of following vocal tunes. There is everything in this package from bluegrass, Carter Style, cross-picking, and even a little bit of swinging blues. These arrangements will give you a wide range of ideas for soloing and taking leads. There is a lot to…


Solos for 5 Vocal Tunes #2 – Video

Here is another great set of vocal tunes that are super fun to play and sing! These arrangements will lean a little more on the bluesy side of things with a little bluegrass and a little swing. There are tons of ideas within all these arrangements and they will help…


Solos for 5 Vocal Tunes #1 – Video

I have finally put together my first package of solos for vocal tunes. There is a lot of bluegrass playing and a little bit of Carter Style in this package. I would consider most of these tunes at an intermediate to advanced level of playing. Enjoy! Nine Pound Hammer -…


Parking Lot Standards #3 – Video

Salt Creek- Blackberry Blossom- Solider's Joy- I'll Fly Away (Carter Style)- Whiskey Before Breakfast.  This purchase will come with one link and a password to access all the videos (each 20-30 minutes in length), from there you'll be able to download or stream them in. Also, one link to download…


Parking Lot Standards #2 – Video

Here is the second set of must know tunes for your next trip to the jam circle. Get busy pickin'! Bill in The Lowground- Turkey in The Straw- Blackberry Blossom- Cripple Creek- Solider's Joy This purchase will come with one link and a password to access all the videos (each…


Parking Lot Standards #1 – Video

Here are four tunes that one must know to hit the jam circles or the festivals. Have fun with these! Whiskey Before Breakfast- Cherokee Shuffle- Salt Creek- Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms- Red Haired Boy. This purchase will come with one link and a password to access all the…


D Poistion Work-outs – Video

I have included 5 tunes that will really help build your skills in D position. If you're not familiar with taking solos out of D position this set of lessons will get you started! Angeline the Baker- Arkansas Traveler- Forked Deer- Saint Anne's Reel- Kentucky Waltz. This purchase will come…


Hot Bluegrass Solos #1 – Video

Here is a great set of lessons that will get you going with your bluegrass solos! These are very popular songs at any jam circle or festival. All five of these tunes have advanced arrangements and they are very Tony Rice inspired. I promise you'll learn a great deal from…