Summertime – Advanced

Here is my arrangement for the standard "Summertime" done in the key of Em.   I love playing this song in the style of Doc and Merle Watson.  I wrote this solo inspired by Merle's solo I saw in a live performance.  I'm able to capture a few of his licks while adding a handful of my own.  This is a fun one to get up on the neck, do some bending of strings, and play in the key of Em.  I've also included a rhythm lesson that involves a few new jazz chords.  Have fun.

This lesson includes:

- PDF Tabs
- 40 Minutes of up-close video
- 3 Practice Tracks at 90, 100, and 110 BPM
- Broken up into 4 separate videos so you can move around easier
- In-depth Rhythm Lesson in the style of Doc Watson
- Live (Video) performance tracks at slow and fast tempos

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