Lay Down My Ol’ Guitar – 2 Arrangements

This is my arrangement of the tune ‘Lay Down My Ol’ Guitar’ in the key of D.  I’ve created two arrangements for this lesson.  The first one is more of a beginner and Carter style way to play this tune.  The second time through is more of an intermediate thing that involves more flat-picking, syncopation, and blusey licks.  I was inspired to make this lesson from listening to Tony Rice and Norman Blake’s Duet album.  They do play the chords a little different than some so, I’ve included a rhythm lesson as well.  I’ll go over two ways you can play the chord progression and some nice bass fills too!  Enjoy. ?

This lesson includes:

– PDF Tabs (Both Arrangements) 
– Over 45 Minutes total of up-close video
– 5 Practice Tracks at 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 BPM
– Broken up into 4 separate videos so you can move around easier
– Live performance tracks at slow and fast tempos
– 10-15 Minute Rhythm Lesson

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