2 Bluegrass Solos in C – Beginner and Intermediate

This week's featured lesson is an original composition I've created for a very common chord progression in the key of C. I've created two arrangements that sit in the beginner to intermediate level. The first time through has some nice Carter-style and flatpicking elements that will allow us to largely play the melody right within the chords. The second time through we'll be using a wide range of the fretboard plus using a handful of different chord shapes and consecutive eighth-note runs. I'll talk about where I'm drawing my ideas from and the positions on the fretboard I'm using as well! Go ahead and give it a listen!

This lesson includes.

- Downloadable PDF Tabs (Both Arrangements)
- Over 40 Minutes of up-close video
- 6 Downloadable Audio Backing Tracks at 140, 160, and 180 BPM (With and without lead)
- Broken up into 6 clips so you can track your progress
- Slow Walk Through video Clips for each arrangement

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