12 Bar Blues – Licks and Phrases – Key of E

This is a lesson on how to improvise with licks and phrases over a 12 Bar Blues chord progression in the key of E. I've written up two sets of solos to give you plenty of ideas for improvising. I also cover the scales I use in 1st and in 7th position. I talk about how to find the "blues" notes and your root notes when playing these scales and how to get a good sense of the triplet or shuffle feel. If you haven't begun soloing over the blues, this lesson will be great to get you going!

This lesson includes.

- PDF Tabs and Scales
- Over 55 Minutes of up-close video
- 3 Practice Tracks at 70, 80, and 90 BPM
- Broken up into 4 separate videos so you can move around easier
- Live performance tracks at slow and fast tempos
- A short video explaining the scales that I'm using

Lesson Categories Advanced Blues Intermediate Key of E
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