10 Licks in the Key of C – #1

Here is a lesson I created called “10 Licks for the Key of C.” I’ve written up 10 awesome licks you can insert into your solo playing. As you can probably tell by listening to the preview many of these licks are Doc Watson inspired. I’ve worked on so many of his solos and instructional material it’s hard not to play in his style, especially when I’m in ‘C’ position. I’ll be walking through each lick, measure for measure and I’ll also include a separate video clip about how to practice these licks and how to insert them into common chord progressions. Go ahead and give it a try!!

This lesson includes.

– PDF Tabs
– Over 40 Minutes of up-close video
– 3 Practice Tracks at 125, 145, and 165 BPM
– Broken up into 4 separate videos so you can move around easier
– Separate clip on how to use to practice and use this licks in a chord progression.

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