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Now offering guitar lessons for all ages and levels.  And beginning Piano for elementary kids!


Hey!  Thanks for taking the time to look into private lessons!  I'm currently working out of a home studio in Viroqua, WI and I'm offer guitar lessons to all levels and beginning piano lessons to kids.   I teach Monday-Friday early afternoon into the evening (some mornings for older students).  If you have any questions about my teaching style, approach, or a more detailed schedule, please feel free to contact me!

My rates are as followed

  • $50 an hour
  • $35 for 45 minutes
  • $25 for minutes

4 - 30 Minute Sessions

6 - 30 Minute Sessions

8 - 30 Minute Sessions

4 - 45 Minute Sessions 

6 - 45 Minute Sessions

8 - 45 Minute Sessions

4 - 60 Minute Sessions

6 - 60 Minute Sessions

8 - 60 Minute Sessions

There are a handful of ways students can study with me and you can click on the drop downs below to learn more about each situation. 

One-on-One Lessons

The best thing about one-on-one lessons is that you receive private attention.  I'm very happy to walk with people as slowly as needed to understand what it is we're working on.  No matter if it's beginning piano with elementary kids or advanced guitar with older students.  I provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that accommodates the student.  Here are some of the things I've noticed that seem to stand out during private lessons...

  • Direct attention
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Getting to the core of what you need to become a better musician
  • More in-depth look at music
  • A chance to talk and ask questions regarding music no matter how basic

Private Lessons Online

This is a very effective way to conduct lessons for those of you who have been playing for a couple years but have more questions and want to work on deeper aspects of music or guitar.  People often enjoy not having to leave their house or fight traffic to come to lessons.  It's even a great opportunity for people to study guitar from all across the world.  Some of you may be regulars that buy my videos or eBook instruction.  This would be a great way for you to ask questions that keep coming up in your practice or to get a better understanding of how I play.

Having a good camera and Internet connection definitely, helps the experience of online lessons.  Note,  I wouldn't recommend online lessons for total beginners.  From my experience rank beginners seem to do better in a live one on one lesson.  Why online lessons can be so great....

  • You don't have to leave your house
  • No fighting traffic
  • More economical
  • Forces the student to really listen closely
  • Students will be prepared for lessons

Large Group Lessons

This is a great way to get started on guitar if you're "not sure it's for you," don't feel comfortable in a one on one lesson, no musical background, or just want to play for leisure.  I consider group lessons a broad introduction to learning guitar or music.  I hold classes at the Hopkins Community Ed for three sessions out of the year.  Once in the fall, winter, and spring.  Signing up ahead of time is recommended since the classes usually fill up.  At Hopkins Community Ed, we walk through the basics very slowly and get you acquainted with the guitar.  A relaxed and fun way to approach learning as the groups usually build a chemistry through out the 5-6 week session.  Why large group works...

  • Great for those that may feel intimidated by learning guitar
  • Provides a nice chemistry between the students as they learn together
  • We focus on the basics

Small Group Lessons

Small group lessons work great for parents looking to help inspire and encourage their kids to pick up an instrument.  I see a high success rate amongst kids that continue to play music with one of their parents.  It really seems to keep them engaged and I often notice that parents end up enjoying it more than they thought they would.  Thus, everyone is having fun and learning.  I make it a point to write arrangements for simple tunes that can be played as duets.  This means that parents and kids have to learn to play music together, which I think is fantastic!  Things that stand out during small group lessons...

  • High success rate in continuing for both parent and child.
  • Learning to play music as a group.
  • Kids are more encouraged and inspired. 
  • Kids learn faster.

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