Excerpt From ‘The Vault’ – Will The Circle Be Unbroken

This is the lesson for “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” in the key of G from my series called ‘The Vault.’ ‘The Vault’ acts as a bonus section for Premiere members that includes about 40 songs/lessons. All of these lessons focus on singing and strumming. Each lesson will come with a ‘lead sheet’ that has the chord progression charted out AND a ‘lyric sheet.’ The lyric sheet will have the words printed out neatly along with the chord changes written above the words to help you know when to change chords and add to your singing. We’ll cover one or two basic strumming patterns you can use for each song plus some bass walks or ornamentations you can use to spice up your rhythm playing for that particular tune.

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Since the Vault acts as a bonus section, all the download materials inside the vault are ‘FREE!’ They will not count against your download limit. These lessons are conducted in an informal fashion with the lessons ranging from 12-20 minutes in length.

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