Whiskey Before Breakfast – 2 Arrangements – Intermediate

Here are my two arrangements for the tune “Whiskey Before Breakfast.”  I do this standard in the key of D but I like using the capo and working out of C position.  This is a great beginning to an intermediate arrangement, although, I would say it lies closer to intermediate with all the hammer-ons and pull-offs I use. It helps makes this piece sound very connected and flowing. The B part is kind of tricky with all the consecutive eighth notes but I feel there comes a time when everyone must learn how to pick this tune!

This lesson includes.

– Downloadable PDF Tabs (Both Arrangements)
– Over 45 Minutes of up-close video
– 11 Downloadable Audio Backing Tracks at with lead and no lead at 140, 160, 180, and 200 BPM
– Broken up into 6 clips so you can track your progress
– Live Practice tracks played at a slow tempo

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