Using the Flatted 3rd Doc Watson Style – Intermediate Lesson

In this lesson, we’ll be learning all about how to use the flatted 3rd within our playing. I’ve created a simple chord progression in which we’ll examine how to use that flatted third over top of each chord and how to use it going from chord to chord. This lesson is in the style of Doc Watson as this is something you’ll often hear him playing/using, and in general, is something you’ll hear in this genre/style of music. The flatted 3rd has a nice bluesy sound to it and really gets across that Doc Watson sound. Go ahead and give it a listen below!

This lesson includes:

– PDF Tabs and Notation
– Over 30 Minutes of up-close video
– 3 Practice Tracks at 140, 150, and 155 BPM (With and without lead)
– Broken up into 3 separate videos so you can move around easier
– ‘Slow Walk Through’ clip of the arrangement

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