This Little Light of Mine – Three Arrangements – Carter Style, Bluegrass and Up The Neck

I have created three arrangements for the popular gospel tune ‘This Little Light of Mine’ in the key of G.  The first time through I’ll do a Carter Style solo that plays the basic melody. This is a great beginner arrangement. The second time through we’ll spice things up by creating more of a ‘Bluegrass Style’ solo that uses hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and consecutive eighth-note runs. The third time through we’ll play a basic melody but we’ll move up the fretboard to do it! So, all and all you’ll have three different ways you can play the melody to this song. Go ahead and give it a listen below!

This lesson includes:

– PDF Tabs and Notation for all three arrangements
– Over 45 Minutes of up-close video
– 3 Practice Tracks at 140, 160, and 180 BPM (With and without lead)
– Broken up into 6 separate videos so you can move around easier
– Live performance tracks at slow and fast tempos

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