Rhythm Series – All 5 Keys to Improve Your Rhythm Playing

This is the "Rhythm Series!" Each key comes with 6 to 7 different chord progressions. This is a great resource to have around to enhance your rhythm playing! Each progression has its own feel/genre so you're able to apply these strumming patterns and "moves" to all sorts of tunes. Within each progression, I go over things such as basic strumming patterns, bass walks, sus chords, hammer-ons/pull-offs, and embellishments.

This package comes with PDF tabs for each key (4-6 pages a key), a master strumming chart (over 12 strumming patterns), two "Getting Started" videos, and full-length video for each lesson. The videos run between 12-20 minutes for each progression. In total, there are over 8 hours of video! There are a ton of ideas within this package and I promise it will breathe some fresh air into your rhythm playing! This package has a value of over $100. -5 Keys: C, G, D, A, E -6 Progressions for C, G, D -7 Progressions for A and E. I have included an Am and Em chord progression. - Over 8 hours of in-depth video. - 2 "Getting Started" videos where I talk about what to expect and how to approach these lessons plus a mini-theory lesson. -32 separate videos all located in one place with one link to access. Easy to sort through!

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  1. On the Strumming Chart, Pattern #4,,#12 have dot above the 2nd beat, what does that stand for? I know the ^ mark stands for accent but I don’t know the Dot

    • I use the dot to indicate just ‘strumming/picking’ the bass note on that chord for that strumming pattern. Does that make sense?

      • I’m not sure what you mean “strumming / picking” . if I was playing a C chord with pattern #4 D D DUDU with the dot above the 2nd beat am I strumming it or picking it?

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