Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss – Advanced Rhythm – David Rawlings Style

In this week’s featured lesson we’ll be taking a look at playing in the style of David Rawlings. We’ll be using the Old-Time folk tune ‘Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss’ to learn some unique and creative rhythm patterns/ideas in ‘C position.’ I’ve created three arrangements for this tune and each will have its own theme. I’m approaching this arrangement and lesson as though I was a second guitarist in the band. So, while someone holds down a steady rhythm part, we’re ‘allowed’ to be more creative within our rhythm by adding fills, licks between phrases, and cross-picking patterns. This lesson will be great for opening the doors to clever and unique rhythm playing. Go ahead and give it a listen below!

This lesson includes:

– PDF Tabs and Notation 
– Over 35 Minutes total of up-close video
– 3 speeds of practice tracks at 140, 160, and 180 BPM (With and without ‘lead-rhythm’)
– Slow Walk Through clips of each arrangement

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