Beginner Guitar eCourse 101

This is my 12 lesson eCourse for the beginning guitarist! This is great for someone that has never picked up the guitar or has been “messing” around on it for 1-2 years and wants to understand basic concepts and fundamentals about playing guitar. Learn a new song for each of the 12 lessons. Each lesson covers a new song, new chords, strumming patterns, and techniques.

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eCourse 101 - The Basics - Strings Name, Holding the guitar, Tuning, and Reading tabs


Let it Be and Learning to Strum


"Yellow Submarine" and More Chords


Learning to Strum and Play A Simple Melody with "You Are My Sunshine" - Plus Learning to Sing and Play


Fine Tuning the Right Hand, New Chords, and the Tune


New Chords, Palm Muting, and Learning "Heart of Gold"


Playing in 3/4 time, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs, and Learning "Amazing Grace."


12 Bar Blues Shuffle and the E minor Pentatonic Blues Scale


Naming Notes on Your Guitar, and Learning to play Rhythm and Simple Melody for "Jingle Bells"


Learning to Use Alternate Bass Strumming and play "Folsom Prison Blues"


Our First Bar Chord and Learning to play "Peaceful Easy Feeling"


New Chords, and Learning to Play a Basic version of "Summertime"

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