Developing Fretboard Awareness – (The DFA)

The ‘Developing Fretboard Awareness’ course is designed for the intermediate guitarist looking to take a big leap in their playing and gain a deeper understanding of how their fretboard works. In doing so, you’ll drastically increase your guitar and music vocabulary. I’ve created a step-by-step course to help ‘unlock’ the fretboard so you can begin to confidently move around the neck and make sense of how it actually works. This course is full of scale work, exercises, ‘how-to’ improvising, and study pieces.

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Videos included with this lesson Status

Building Chord, Learning our 3 Shapes, and Using Exercises to Master Them


Learning Shape Based Scales in 4 Positions


Learning Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and Using Them to Improvise


Applications to songs Using Study Pieces

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