Banks of the Ohio – Three Arrangements – Carter Style and Cross-picking

Here is a great ‘study piece’ for the old-time tune “Banks of the Ohio” in the key of C. I’ve created three arrangements for this song so you can get an in-depth look at how to play the melody to this song three different ways. The first time through is a straight-ahead Carter-style arrangement that will play the melody right on the head. The second and third time through involves lots of cross-picking. We’ll also be using a handful of different chord shapes so you can incorporate the cross-picking and learn how to use them on the fretboard. Cross-picking is a great way to fill up ‘space’ on the guitar much like the banjo would. It’s really fun to play and it always sounds great! However, you’ll need to develop strong right-hand technique to pull it off. So, this is a great lesson for learning to do this! Go ahead and give it a try!

This lesson includes:

– PDF Tabs (All three Arrangements)
– Over 60 Minutes of up-close video
– 6 Practice Tracks at 100, 120, and 140 BPM (Lead and No Lead)
– Broken up into 8 separate videos so you can move around easier
– Live (Video) performance tracks at slow and fast tempos

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