10 Licks in the Key of G – #2

Here is another lesson for ’10 licks in the key of G – #2.’ This is the second set of ‘G-licks’ that I’ve created at the site. Many members have expressed a lot of interest in lessons like these. So, here is the second round!! Half of these licks have a minor pentatonic sound and will give you that ‘bluegrass attitude’ you might be looking for. The second half of these licks are major pentatonic sounding. Thus, you’ll hear more of a ‘sweet sounding’ lick. These are licks I use all the time and hopefully, you’ll be able to put them in your ‘tool-bag’ to use during your solos!

This lesson includes.

– PDF Tabs
– Over 30 Minutes of up-close video
– 4 Practice Tracks at 125, 145, and 165 BPM
– Broken up into 3 separate videos so you can move around easier

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