Video Exchange Program

How Does it Work?

  • Submit a video of yourself playing your favorite arrangement or asking a question.
  • Upload it to my website or create the video directly on the site.
  • I'll watch the video and create a video review answering your questions and critiquing your playing.
  • I post the videos in the member area for you and the community to see.
  • You can then ask follow-up questions from my review.
  • Keep submitting videos to improve your playing. 🙂
  • Works on any device.

Benefits of Using the Video Exchange Program

GreenCheckMark  Kind and constructive feedback   GreenCheckMark Get specific questions answered
GreenCheckMark  Private lesson atmosphere   GreenCheckMark  Watch yourself grow as a player
GreenCheckMark Inspire others in the community   GreenCheckMark  Build a relationship with a teacher

Watch Members Who Have Submitted Videos!

Lisa - Tennessee Waltz

Johnnie - Red Haired Boy

Donnie - Ashokan Farewell

Byron - 12 Bar Blues

Steve - White Freightliner

Byron - Rosa Lee McFall

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