Member Testimonials

I have tried many different books and web sites over the years to try and teach myself to flat-pick the standard tunes with only moderate success. Without a doubt, your website has been the most successful learning process I have ever used. I have downloaded Nine Pound Hammer and Will the Circle be Unbroken just this week. I am already pretty decent at flat-picking these tunes at a moderate speed. I am so pleased, I can't begin to tell you. Your guitar style is exactly what I am aspiring to be. Your teaching method and the tools you are providing are just excellent. I will certainly be purchasing more of you products in the future. Thanks again. You have given me hope to become the guitar player I always wanted to be. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Thanks also for the free stuff. I am already working on the free lesson Shady grove. Thanks again. Your friend for life.
Bob Maddox
Charles County, MD
I am 61 years young and have always had a desire to play the guitar at a higher level. Bluegrass and Country have always been my interest and I have tried many online courses for improvement, but all fell short. Once I found my search was over. The information needed to play songs are given in a format making it easy to understand and follow. Along with the song downloads, I decided to try the ecourse 101. I knew it was below my level, but I wanted to see if I could pick up any new information or at least refresh myself. Great move on my part! I am seeing some new information to clarify some old bad habits and am seeing some new ways to improve. I have been using the songs from Ryan for several years now and am excited as to the improvement I am making. The site is run professionally and questions are addressed quickly. Would I recommend this site to a friend - most defiantly.
Carlyle, IL
Ryan Kimm is a talented musician and teacher. His material is excellent for anyone, and will take your playing to another level. Lessons are thorough, fun, and taught in detail. You cannot go wrong with!"
Brad McCord
Ohio, US
I am thoroughly enjoying your eBook Flat-Pick Guitar III, and I am enraptured at the moment with learning Worried Man Blues. I love the arrangement, and wanted to thank you for including it.
Joseph Peightel
Catonsville, MD
I have thoroughly enjoyed your instruction, particularly your Carter Style Gospel songs. Because of your easy to understand explanations, strum suggestions, video and music track back up, I have been able to progress and have fun playing. My understanding of finding the melody, incorporating strums and timing have been steadily improving.
Don McDonald
Hope, Ohio
Mid 2014, I was searching online for lessons on playing 'Carter' style and came across Ryan's Flatpick Guitar course. I was just a basic 3 chord strummer and since then I've got a number of Ryan's individual song lessons which have been excellent in building up my skill and keeping my interest in learning more. Ryan's arrangements of some of the traditional bluegrass jam songs have been great for me as I'm using them to learn a nice 'solo' break for when I next get to a jam festival. What I particularly like about Ryan's lessons are that they are complete, very clear tab transcriptions and he takes it slowly on the video, measure by measure and gives you tips where needed, plus the practice tracks at different tempo's mean you can continuously improve. Like many of us, I get online lessons from a number of sources, so have many comparisons. I'm very happy to provide this testimonial and say that Ryan's quality of instruction is up there with the best of them, and I will continue to be a customer and look forward to getting many more lessons
Mike Cee
Melbourne, Australia
I greatly appreciate you doing my previous requests for Tennessee Waltz and I Saw The Light. They are both outstanding lessons. The lessons in which you give two versions (Tennessee Waltz, Rock Salt and Nails, and Be Thou My Vision) are especially informative and a great value. Thanks for a great product!
Ray Gibbons
Meridian, Mississippi
So far your course has been great! I went through the first lesson and have already learned more in that sitting than the past 18 months. You have given me confidence that I can actually get skillful in my playing. I already know how to pick "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and made some funny lyrics to surprise my children when they get home.
Chad Bernick
North Slope, Alaska
I've learned more from your online lessons than I ever did with private guitar teachers! I'd say that is a really good recommendation! Thank you!
I am learning the Ryan Kimm's Carter Style and really enjoying it. Ryan is an excellent teacher, and I look forward to learning a lot more from him. Thank you Ryan!
Verna Lee
Ontario, Canada
Ryan your lessons are awesomely fantastic. Your arrangements sound good and are easily digestible combined with your friendly teaching style and easy going disposition you inspire me to pick. Keep up the good work your doing here
Jim Payne
Cincinnati, Ohio
I really enjoy your Bluegrass lessons Ryan . They are very well presented and very helpful. Thanks!
I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I appreciate your site. I was a little hesitant to pay for 'tabs' when there are a lot for free,but I am so glad I started with you. It really is a bargain too if you compare the price of one-on-one lessons. My progression as a guitarist over the past six months is just awesome and I'm having such a great time with it. For me the key factor has been the ability to go back to your vids and iron out any measures that were tricky, troublesome, or just didn't sound right. In the past I would give up on songs I couldn't figure out. One of the reasons I am finally writing this is your comments on pick direction in the newest video lesson preview...down stroke on 1,2,3,4 and upstroke on the 'ands'. I was going to asks you that because for some sections of songs it is more natural for me to deviate from what you have on you tabulature. Glad I got my answer!
Neil Talancy
Jamestown, RI
I've looked at a lot of online lessons, and your is clearly the best. The reasons are simple. You break every lick down into its component parts, and you do it slowly and repeatedly, leaving no holes, no mysteries where important parts might fly by too quickly. Consequently, I'm able to pick up some very complicated stuff. Not quickly, but far quicker than if I were trying to pull this stuff off recordings, where important parts would inevitably be missing. Keep up the fine work. Your infinite patience and willingness to break things down is really appreciated. You're a model for all would-be, wannabe music instructors.
David Roth
Sacramento, CA
Music with Ryan is the best site I have found to continue learning the guitar. Ryan breaks down his lessons so that I can follow along at my own speed. His teaching methods are the best I have seen and I have tried many other sites. I look forward in continuing private online lessons with Ryan. He is most helpful and always encourages questions so that we both are on the same page. Ryan is a man of his word and follows through with his promises to get back to me with my needs and questions. This is a Great Site!!
I just want to thank you for the "All 5 Keys to Improve Your rhythm Playing." Often Simple things are always so good. First thing I saw the was the way you teach music and the calm (peaceful) way you teach it...awesome...I improved the way I'm playing now. I just have to follow your video and the backing tracks...Just to be calm and counting the beats measure by measure slowly at first, and increase the beat as much as I can play it. I'm able to now play wayfaring stranger without mistakes and I add my personal touch on it..and I like thank you Ryan!
Everything happens for a reason. Stumbled upon this site and never left. So if any one finds them self on this site it means that you need to get hold of Ryan's lessons. If only I knew about Ryan years ago. Thank you Ryan for what you are doing. LOL... Maybe the only South African (IDK) but still MUSIC WITH RYAN is an absolute blessing
Tinus Bezuidenhout
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
I am beginner. I fooled around (self-teaching) with the guitar in the 1970s and what little skills I may have had have evaporated. I am now retired and rediscovered that stilI have an interest in Blue Grass and Classic Country Music. So I dusted off by guitar, had it repaired and decided to give it another try. On YouTube I ran across Ryan's rendition of "Wildwood Flower" Carter Style. His demonstration of how he teaches (with TABs on the screen) and his relaxed and insightful explanations really impressed me. You know like, ...."I can do that" feeling. Also I've realized over the years that sometimes starting with a paid instructor can be an expensive overkill. I can usually understand what needs to be done, but doing it with the pressure of paid sessions doesn't help with my progress. I need to learn the basics, at my own pace. Once I feel that I have a grasp of the basics - holding the guitar, tuning the guitar, reading TABS, understanding and practicing scales and chords to the point where I am comfortable playing them but not necessarily good with them - then that is when I'll decide whether continuing with the guitar is for me and be ready for personal instruction. With this in mind, I reviewed Ryan's Basic Course online and decided that this may just be what I needed. I ordered the Course and must say that I have not been disappointed. Ryan's presentations of the basics in small doses, along with his patient and insightful video demostrations, supported downloadable PDFs of the music and chords, and downloadable audio tracks to be used for practicing the music just taught was exactly what I needed. Added to this was access to his Free Membership site with weekly postings of demos and insights. One couldn't beat this. For instance, as I was practcing the first simple tune I realize that I needed some drills for just practicing fingering and picking skills. Also I wanted to be able to recognize the notes that I was actually playing. I wanted to better understand the notes and learn how to practice the scales along with learning simple tunes. Wouldn't ya just know it. Ryan posted on the Free Membership site a demonstration video on how to develop one's picking skills. Then another one on scales and how to practice them, along with a PDF with scales. Exactly what I was looking for! Anyway, for me as a beginner, this course and website have all that I need for now. If I don't learn it won't be because of the Course, but because of me not practicing enough or simply that I don't have any music playing skills worth developing. . Once I am comfortable with the guitar and feel that I have a grip on the basics, I'll eventually look for personal instruction. How I'll do, only time will tell. Good product Ryan! Thanks.
Gunars Berzins
North Carolina
I am enjoying the easy to follow instructions. I haven't been with the course long, but I find Ryan really great to work with. I think he is really interested in getting you to the level you want to achieve.
Gary Richardson
Atlanta, TX
I lead Sing Alongs foe senior citizens. I have become a capable "campfire strummer" but longed to improve my licks for more interesting sessions. I tried and found them to have some excellent teachers, but not in the style I wanted. (Bluegrass, Folk, and Country). I also tried Ultimate with similar result. I found from youtube and I am thrilled. His tabs are precise and understandable and the support videos and commentary are superb. The package is a GREAT value.
George Burchfiel
Orange, California
I've really enjoyed your lessons, especially the arrangements which I find to be creative. I'm classically trained from years ago, now play dobro at jams. Just getting back on guitar and bought Jerusalem Ridge in order to help figure out a Dobro arrangement, than stayed with the guitar. Now I've down loaded 4 of your advanced tunes, and am having a great time pickin'. What's really cool is that the chops from my twentys are back at 68. It was the interesting nature of your arrangements that kept my attention.. Feel free to use this testimony... Bill
Bill Camp
Cougar, WA
A new door has opened. In the not too distant past I had two different guitar teachers that gave up on me. You see, I was a lousy student. They wanted me to learn what THEY wanted me to learn. But, I just wanted to learn to play songs/tunes. Since I'm now a premier member I can pick and choose ANY song I like. I don't answer to anybody and now I don't practice a set time every day, but, just play my guitar as long or as little a day as I like. Thanks Ryan!
William Gazdik
Chiangmai, Thailand
I like this site because Ryan puts music in a different perspective. If you are young and just starting, or on the road in a band, or just want to start all over again, it's kinda refreshing to go back to what I really needed. And that was to come back to the basics of learning what I did not know while playing for such a long time, although I did play in front of people, but it was the G D E stuff, chords. So I was looking around the web and I stumbled across this site. Glad I did...Oh! Plus the customer service was great!
Roy, Utah
This is the best ever site for learning guitar. Like many people of my age, 75, I have had a guitar for 50yrs or more. I've trolled through books and learnt chords and a bit of Shadows stuff(not very well!!) but bluegrass music was and always would be beyond me!! Wrong!! I found Ryan on You Tube at the back end of 2015, and Bingo,I'm an expert!! (well, I can dream ,can't I ). Seriously I cannot beleive the improvement in my playing, Thanks Ryan.Great teaching technique.Keep it going. I'll be back for more.
James (Jim) Leader
Spalding,Lincolnshire, UK
Ryan's way of teaching guitar is excellent for me, take time to follow his lessons, and spend lots of practice time doing it his way will give, even the beginner, a great start to a great hobby.
Brian Gibb
I think what I like about Ryan's program most is the motivation I get with the demonstrations before working on the tutorials. He is very generous in the lessons he gives when you sign up for membership. I've made more progress with Ryan than with any previous on line instruction.
Hi Ryan, I am so glad I found your site. Your tuition is FIRST CLASS. I like your arrangements and as as Premium Member I get access to all the Videos, Tabs and MP3 Files. All of these make the learning process so much more enjoyable and easy to learn. I am not saying I find all the arrangements easy (I do not) but it's great trying to master the arrangements. I feel my playing has improved directly as a result of your site. There are not too many sites on the Internet that give such value and now we also have the bonus of live streams. BRILLIANT and a huge thank you. Keith
Keith R. Finch
Folkestone, England
I've found Ryan's lessons to be the best on the Internet. I was a member at another internet lesson program for 6 months but wasn't getting much from it. It was more of a social place than real lessons. I joined Ryan's when I saw the Carter style lessons. Carter style music was something I always wanted to learn and Ryan's lessons are the best. I bought all the Carter style E Books plus the Bluegrass E Book and use them al the time. I'm a premier member now and plan on being one for a long time. I recommend anyone who asks about online lessons to Ryan's place you can learn fast with his videos and E Books. I have played for over 20 years and still find I can keep learning here.
Dave Cibula
From beginners to pro's and me alone I am finding this to be a really good place to learn a lot about playing guitar. Thank you for all the work you have but into your lessons.
Larry w Schofield
Nova Scotia,Canada
Great site. I have only been a member a short time. I really like the access to the tab. And the lectures are great! I have learned a lot already but looking forward to learning more. Thanks.
Oxford ms
I went back and forth deciding which online guitar to go with( there are several). But I finally went with this one and am very pleased. Ryan goes very slow and covers every aspect of learning to play. I also like the fact that he responds quickly to my email questions. He is very helpful and very accessible. Now he has kicked it up a notch with his new video upload where you can upload yourself playing so that he can give you pointers. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar, give him a try. You will not regret it.
Shawn Davis
Dallas, Texas
I've tried many online sites. I like Ryan the best as a my Bluegrass teacher. His price is very reasonable. His style is lay back, easy to understand and he responds to questions. His site works perfectly and he has a tremendous list of selections is various venues and complexities. Tab is good, videos are clear and easy to understand. PLUS He provides free lessons and will even work one up based on an email request. I would recommend him for sure. I only wish I could learn faster.
John Nolte
Ellison Bay, Wisconsin
I greatly appreciate your teaching techniques and personal help! You explain so well, and you create an enthusiasm through your awesome arrangements! I learn correctly and productively under your instruction, and that contributes to growth and mastery of skills! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby H.
I love this website. I found it when searching for Carter-style arrangements - and I am now completely hooked. Working my way through the Rhythm tutorial section right now - which I am enjoying. Finally seeing some improvement in my playing. Thank you Ryan.
Giselle Pyfrom
I find Ryans lessons well paced a few bars at a time in an easy tempo gradually working up to full tempo performance. Also, a big selection of music to pick from and even some fingerpicking all thigns you can learn at your own pace
kenneth peers
Hereford uk
Totally awesome way to learn at your own pace - best deal in the country!
Mark Bergeron
Seattle WA
I'm starting my 2nd month as a premiere member.... hands down - best $200 I ever spent. I played guitar a little when I was in high school, but then "Life Happened" with college, family, jobs... the guitar just sat in the Living Room for about 40 years. A couple of years ago, I picked it up.. and quickly got "addicted" again. I've always loved the old hymns, classic country, and southern gospel songs. When I came across a couple of Ryan's lessons on YouTube... I was skeptical at first -- A young guy teaching Carter Style, cross picking, Hank Williams -- not likely! BUT - I was pleasantly surprised -- Exactly what I was looking for. I was hooked. Thank you God -- for still makin' 'em like Ryan and for this crazy thing called the Internet. Never would have dreamed I'd be taking guitar lessons again at my age. I wasn't blessed with much musical talent... I'm a forever "wanna be". But the tips of my fingers are nice and callused and I'm enjoying playing guitar immensely.
Debbie Ray
Cochranville, PA
Great Instruction! Customer service the best I've found. The variety of instructional materials is great from pure technique music to timeless classics in a variety of skill levels.
Grants Pass, OR
I made hard copies of the p.d.f. sheets and organized them in a notebook for easy reference. When I want to spice up a song I go to my rhythm series p.d.f sheets and choose the corresponding key and pick tricks to learn to add flavor to my song. This course is jam packed full of fun tricks (tools)! Ryan is a great instructor. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to add tricks to their tool box. Thank you Ryan for your dedication to teaching guitar!!
Americus, GA
Hey Ryan, I've played guitar for years and I'm a pretty good picker. As a premier member of Music with Ryan I'm learning a whole new style than has greatly advanced my picking ability. I recommend your site to pickers of all levels. Thanks, Ron
Ronald Lee Hancock
Winchester Ky
I have been a premier member only a month and have enjoyed learning new songs. I enjoy the song selection and Ryan makes it easy to follow. I have needed help and he has given me the answers.
Laurel, MS
Ciao a tutti, volevo fare i complimenti a Ryan per il suo sito e per la passione per la musica. Io non conosco l'inglese e in Italia c'è poco sul flatpicking, ma vedere i video e ascoltare le musiche è di grande aiuto. Complimenti.
Asiel Giancaspero
Ryan's method of teaching songs is slow and easy. You can learn a lot from Ryan.
Stan Hankins
Chattanooga, Tn
Premier Membership at Music With Ryan. I always wanted to play bluegrass music. I pick up getting started with bluegrass guitar by joe carr around this time last year. 2 months ago I found Ryans Whiskey Before Breakfast Lesson on youtube and started spending time on the site. The first thing ryans teaching did for me was bring pick direction to my attention. I also never used a metronome until I started learning from ryan. Most of all I like the music here and the way he arranges it and teaches it.
Steve Davis
Millville NJ
Great site very instrumental. I have used it to learn play guitar. And now able to play and sing in front of my church. I am not good yet bet getting better all the time with Ryan's help. Thanks ?
Chad Conrad
Oxford ms.
Hey Ryan, I really enjoy your site. I've been a picker for many years and especially love bluegrass. Your tabs have added a whole new dimension to my picking. I look forward to your new additions each week. There is something for every ability level, Thanks, Ron
Ronald Hancock
Winchester, Ky
I like the way you show different techniques of playing. I am still a beginner (off and on for a 2 years), I am 55 years old, it is taking me some time, but I am doing better. Thanks Ryan for your lessons.
Best guitar instruction on the net for me. Challenging enough to push me yet rewarding with noticeable improvement. I really like instruction primarily based on classic and familiar songs. Great communication with members whether helping us or looking for new instructional ideas.
Ron Dietz
Grants Pass, Oregon
I played guitar as a teenager but didn't keep at it. Ten years ago I took up guitar again. Several times over that period I attempted to get going using various online sources. Each time, I'd partially learn a few tunes but never knew what to work on next. I wasn't making progress, and my interest fizzled. Since I discovered, things have been different. The Guitar eCourse101 was a great quick refresher. The copious tabs and video lessons are varied and entertaining, and the videos are always available when guidance on how to play a particular passage is needed. The outstanding Rhythm Course is helping me improve quickly. If I can learn to play those progressions cleanly, I'll finally have some chops! Ryan communicates willingly with site members, and he makes new material available on a weekly basis. has been a pretty good deal for me.
Apple Valley, MN
As a premiere member, I would highly recommend Ryan's site to anyone who wants to improve their play. The song selections are great, and his arrangements are well thought out and taught in a manner which is helpful and fun.I really enjoy my time hanging out and learning with Ryan!
Michael McMillin
Linville, NC
A valuable tool for progressing on my six-strings. Ryan's approach is thorough with outstanding attention to detail. He is responsive to his members and prolific with new material and individual requests. As a new member I couldn't be more pleased!
ron hoffman
eden prairie, mn
I have tried several online guitar lesson sites and none of them are perfect. A common hurdle is what I might call approachability/accessibility. It is simply very hard to replicate a face to face experience. Ryan does this about as good as anybody. I cannot quite put my finger on exactly what he does differently, but he makes the lesson content very accessible. That is one thing that sets him apart. Another is the type of music and songs he uses to convey the lessons. Maybe not everyone has the same taste in music. Many classic and timeless tunes that you won't find anywhere else. I would definitely recommend giving his site a try.
Michael Pottinger
Cape Town
Ryan is a good instructor.100% satisfied with this site!!!
I find the Music with Ryan site to be very well organized, easy to navigate, and loaded with useful content and instructional material. The audio and video is high quality and clear which makes the learning experience so much more productive. Ryan has a smooth, patient teaching style that makes it easy to digest new concepts and techniques. I think this is a really good site to improve your guitar playing expertise.
John Jones
Richmond, Virginia
I have enjoyed your site very much since joining, I have learned several songs and you continue to add new things which keeps things interesting and fresh. Most recently with scales and chords. I can strum chords for songs which I think sounds pretty good, I hope. I am really looking forward to becoming a lead player also and I think your site will help me. Thank you Ryan and Happy Holidays and have a great New Year.
Ken Pettis
Rochester, NY
I have tried several guitar lesson programs in the past and I have to say that Ryan is the best one I have ever had. Every video is done in such a way as to be simple to follow and easy to learn. His teaching is slow and methodical which really helps someone trying to see what he is doing. I have purchased the following programs and have every intention of purchasing more in the future: Beginner Course 101, Gospel Package #1, Carter Style Bundle 10, and the Holiday package. His is the best teaching method that I have ever seen! I can't recommend it highly enough!
Mike Booth
North Carolina
Ryan is very thorough, he answers every message I send him, no others do this. There are hundreds of great video lessons. I'm very happy here!
I have been playing a long time, mostly self taught and since I can't sing I am always trying to blend the melody with the chords in order to make a song better. Ryan's Carter style arrangements were exactly what I was looking for. The videos allow me to take as much or as little time as I need to learn a song and Ryan's arrangements are excellent. Being a premier member allows me to learn more challenging arrangements also because of how Ryan takes the time to make quality videos at various speeds. I'm hoping to even learn the scales that I should have done a long time ago. Keep up the good work.
Mike R.
I am a Premiere Member and I have tried a few online teachers in the past few years. I would like to add my two cents About Actually, I wish I had used all that money to buy an upgraded acoustic guitar. Before getting to the point about the lessons and site I want to say that anyone, other than a savant, needs to be willing to put in the time to practice. You don't become a good or great basket ball player by sitting on bench or the couch for that matter, enough said! is just about as good as it gets for the determined self-starter. Before subscribing, I purchased 2 song/tabs with video bluegrass arrangements by Ryan. Being new to bluegrass playing, I am happy to say that I easily took to Ryan’s lesson with the various tracks, and hand holding video. My Inspiration for becoming a Premiere Member came to me as I quickly calculated how much fun I was having along with the cost of cherry picking individual songs and lessons. I have also taken advantage of the included Beginners Course. I played in school band but TAB certainly was not part of that nor rhythm and picking! Ryan has responsibly and in a very timely manner responded to all of my inquiries and correspondence like a private teacher just as Premiere Member. There are some very sophisticated sites available and I have used some, but if you are looking for a down to earth Earth experience with a knowledgeable teacher, you and found it. This is a site I can stick with for a long time. Keep Pick’n Johnnie Wood
Johnnie Wood
Frederikcsburg, VA
Ryan is probably one of the best guitar teachers on the web. His videos are dynamic and complete in the explanation of how things are done. His tabs are super helpful and he is always there to answer questions regarding the material. Five stars for sure!
I have been on the site for a little over a month and have already gained a great deal from it. I play at what would be considered a intermediate level, been at the Bluegrass flat picking now for six years. In the past I have spent time on four other sites for instruction and a couple are very good and a couple not so. Ryan's site IMO is very worthwhile to spend time on, I have been able to learn 3 tunes this past month I was interested in and had not been able to find tab or lessons for. I feel Ryan's instruction and teaching methods are valuable for someone at my level, sure there are more elaborate arrangements out there on some things but the basic bones of the music is what I need to learn. Not a showcase of a hot guitar player demonstrating something I can in no way grasp. I have been on a couple sites where after viewing the teacher play the full arrangement at speed, I felt like quitting!! It actually discouraged me to a degree. Now I have improved over the years and enjoy the greats but need instruction at a level I can learn from, once I have the basic melody and sequence of a tune down pat, I can embellish it on my own as time goes by. Ryan's site gives just such instruction, good and clear , easy to understand as he works thru the tab and shows the difficult parts step by step. I feel for the price per month, which is less than one half hour lesson at a studio it's a great value. I used to take live lessons and by the time I got home I had forgotten a lot and needed to wait a week to ask again. Now I can just look back and get it straight........ So for me it's working and I enjoy the site a great deal, haven't gotten up the nerve to send a video yet but someday...... Jerry
Jerry Martin
Hi Ryan, I'd just like to say I've tried several different teachers on line and was really about to give up and put my guitar back in the closet. Then I came across your site on YouTube. The first song I bought was Amzan Grace Carter style, I was hooked! I've enjoyed "Are You Washed in The Blood", "Me and Bobby Mcgee" and "Blue Eyes Crying" just to name a few. What I'm excited about is that your site has a lot more songs to learn! Your way of teaching is easy to follow along with too. It's also nice you can go at your own pace. I can now sit with my family and friends and actually play songs that they can sing along with. I feel like it's the best guitar teaching program online!
Donnie Smith
Gulfport MS
I first started playing the guitar some five years ago after retirement. During this period I learnt mainly from the Internet but also had two or three Internet tutors. Recently, having all but given up the guitar, I rediscovered Music with Ryan's site. Using this site I found I could combine much of my previous learning in a way that is 'playable' and after a few weeks was confident enough to join a newly form group (Worthing Bluegrass Jamb). Now - undisputed lay the least proficient member - I feel comfortable joining in at the jam and can improve my playing between sessions using the well developed tutorials the Prime Membership provides. Very Happy - Mike Davis.
Michael Davis
Worthing, West Sussex, UK
Hey, Ryan, Thank you for giving me your wonderful guitar courses. It is such a great pleasure to learn music from you! About a month ago, when I happened to viewed an episode of your course on Youtube, I decided to learn guitar with you, because your clear and patient instruction enabled me to follow your instruction easily. I already feel guitar and your video course already an indispensable part of my life!
I enjoy your style and variety of music. It's challenging but not too advanced. Here a picture of one of our cows better looking than me =)
Central Pa
Hello Ryan, Ryan, I'm 58 years old and have been really serious about learning to play bluegrass/gospel guitar for about a year now . I'm enjoying your lessons very much. I'm working on scales , G-runs and carter-style songs and playing rhythm and looking forward to learning and improving as time goes on. Thanks Wesley
Wesley Fambrough
I have tried many online lessons but nothing compares to Music with Ryan. Fretboard Awareness is amazing, the lessons are very detailed and have opened so many doors for me. I also enjoy the ability to chat and email Ryan with any questions I may have. Being a member of this site is like having a guitar instructor in my home. I would highly recommend Music with Ryan.
Christopher Noe
Winfield, West Virginia
Ryan and his teaching is something else. Very cool lessons with detail explanations. Mini lessons and the DFA course and the rhythm series. All these lessons with what he has on his site is worth it. Asking questions and getting the correct answers and more. I would recommend anybody to support him and what he is doing for us all as guitar players.
South Africa
I love Ryan's teaching. I play as a hobby and never intend to perform. I like that I can study in the area's I want for as long as I want and when I want to move on to something else I can just browse through the site until I find something that interests me.
Marvin Minton
Phenix City, AL
What I really like about Music with Ryan are videos. I like that I can slow the video down to see what he is doing. I feel that Ryan is very clear with his instruction and the theory behind it. I have been on 2 other instructional sites and feel this is the best one for me. My next step is to take lessons. Cant wait!
Renton Washington
After reading the previous testimonies submitted, I can see that I'm not alone in my past experience with playing guitar. After high school I started playing guitar, through school I had played a band instrument and found I missed music as it was part of my life for so long. I self-taught myself but after a few years of that, I was dissatisfied with the level of my ability. I wanted to find a teacher that would teach me flat pick technique, blues/bluegrass genre. Well, living in the Philadelphia suburbs I found no one to help me, so I settled for less...the guy had a degree and played professionally but just couldn't help me with exactly where I wanted to go. Fast forward 40 years....I found some of Ryan's Youtube lesson samplers and told myself I'm doing this. Ryan's "way" of presenting the material, demonstrating skills and techniques, and the mass of really great arrangements of songs with lesson tabs is something I wish I could have found 45 years ago when I started with lessons. Now....the negative...there's so many song lessons I get "locked up" trying to decide which one to start. Like being a kid in the candy store dilemma. If you like acoustic guitar and want to get better playing looked at a lot of sites before I decided to subscribe to Ryan's site, and there's none better.
Terry Kunkle
Allentown, Pa
hello ryan, you do have some great lessons. and i enjoy nearly all of them.i'm 64 years old and have retired at the city of amarillo, after working as a welder there for 32 years. 4 years ago i started to make a commitment to learn to play the guitar. i'm slow, but i grind a few tunes out. i don't have an ear for tones so that does'nt help any. i use you stuff and steve kaufman's and active melody. i'm glad you are doing some blues, love blues. and i really like old country tunes, like fraulin, your cheatin heart, and hank williams sr. tunes. i grew up in the 60's, great country music then. charlie pride meral haggard, buck owens. iwould like to here what you would do with the eagles song, HOLD ON. you know the eagles were more country than country is today. i don't listen to country anymore along with a lot of people my age. but yes i enjoy your teaching. the riffs in c are great and right now im working on fox on the run. i'm proud of you on that song, your the only one that i found that had a lesson on it. lol but as i learn a song i'll start another and so on. playing guitar is great theopy, i'm sure my blood pressure goes down when i'm working on a lesson. lol thanks loads, and GOD BLESS. gosphel bluegrass is also a favorite. hope you'll think about those old country songs. you have another hANK song, but i don't remember what it is, and i'm probably a bad speller, been a long time since high school for me. 1971 grad
jerald kimbell
amarillo tx
Hey Ryan hope you're doing well, I am enjoying everything you've done. It is explained so well and it's my style of playing. Hopefully, with a lot of practice and with your help, l will get where I want to be with my playing. I appreciate all you do. Take care, Chad
North Carolina
Ryan your courses are fantastic, in my musical world you are the best. i'm into country and bluegrass music so it fits me good. I like the way you explain what you are teaching, it makes it easier to learn. I'm 70 years old and not too old to learn and you make it easier. Thanks Ryan and keep up you A+ teaching.
Paul G
Ryan, Thank you so much for your lessons. I find the tab, video lessons and back-up to be extremely helpful. I have been playing the guitar for years and have just recently started playing solos. I feel grateful that I found your web site and with your help, feel I am finally understanding the guitar more as well as playing better.
Dee Gregory
Kernville, California
Ryan is a gifted teacher, His " Breaking Down" of each tune, is excellent. He gives easy to understand tips. Choice of material, for example, spicing up your rthym playing is excellent. More then worth the price! Make that 5+ stars
Tom Foster
Danbury, Ct.
I am an accordion player and I've tried guitar many times over the years but all to no avail. I knew tons of chords but apart from a few simple songs I didn't know what to do with them. Now that I've retired and discovered Ryan's site I have taken up guitar again. I have to say that Ryan's teaching method has helped me to understand what chords are all about and how the fret board is laid out. His teaching method is so relaxed that I feel relaxed when I'm learning. No pressure. In between learning some theory there are tons of fun tunes and songs to learn with detailed explanations, tabs and video. It doesn't get any better. If you really want to learn guitar then this is the place to come. Kind regards to you Ryan, John
John Mullen
Fife, Scotland. UK
The friendly careful approach to teaching really pays off with Ryan’s attention to detail, yet he provides a slow and methodological lesson which really sinks in. Just wish he’d been around teaching bluegrass guitar years ago - but then the internet hadn’t been invented and I’m showing my age !!!
Steve Griffith
Swyre, Bridport, UK
I’ve been playing fingerstyle guitar for 25 years, primarily blues, but enjoy all types of music. Such a great site to pickup arrangements without the need to arrange myself. Also nice teaching style and I highly recommend for players of all levels.
Charles Thompson
Three Forks, Montana
I would like to give my impression about this site, but there are so many things available that I am sure to forget about a lot of stuff. In the past 15 years I have join lots of site and finally none were giving me what I was looking for, an instructor that was patient and explaining simply with some tricks, how to play a simple tune. With Ryan you do have that plus more than a hundred different songs in different style (blues, fingerpicking, flat pick, gospel, country, +++). Plus most of the days I join the site Ryan is available for a chat. Songs with different level of difficulty (Beginner, intermediate, advance). New song available almost every week with TABS and practice track. And I am still learning to get around the site and see all that is available for me to improve. Keep up the good work Ryan and this is why I joined for a whole year. Ray
Granby, Quebec, Ca
Hi Ryan, everything is going well! The lessons are explained in great detail. I'm very happy with the site! 😃
Steve Rooney

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