The Puddle Jumpers are a mix of bluegrass/folk/swing.  We usually consist of a trio playing guitar, mandolin, and fiddle.  All the members of the band play multiple instruments so it is quite common to see this band switch up instrumentation for different feels.  We play a mix of originals and traditional music blending the old with the new!  The PJ's are always high on energy never short of originality!  Here is a video of us playing at the Black Water Cafe!

Ruby Magpie

Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Ruby Magpie, an eclectic, acoustic, anything-goes-bluegrass band based in the Minnesota metropolitan area.  More than anything, we're a high-energy group of musicians that love playing together, and we'd love to see you at a show sometime!


We are a 5 piece group. We play for the pure joy of music and creativity. We get together with beer and hummus, rehearse, talk and laugh. We're Friends. We dig having our other friends come play with us. We will soon make a radical album.  This band plays a variety of roots, soul, and country music.  One of the most talented bands in Minneapolis they have the energy to keep a crowd all night long.  The chemistry between these five guys is like nothing I've ever been apart of.  The band can easily become electric on any given night.  Look for us on Tuesday's at Gluek's in downtown Minneapolis!
We also just released our first CD!  You can purchase and listen to some tracks here-