* Questions about accessing lessons purchased from the store.

How do I access the material?

First, you MUST be logged into the site access your lessons!  You can access them through the email that was sent to you or under "My Account."  Either way you must be logged in.  From there you can click and download the tabs, practice tracks, or eBooks.  Make sure you look at these screenshots! - 




Make sure you enter the password given for each lesson or set of lessons.  It's not the same password as your login.

If you have further problems or questions please email me.

Are the lessons mailed to me? Do you have DVDs?

No.  All my lessons are digital download and will be emailed to you and be located in your account forever.  Nothing is mailed and I have no DVDs.  Sorry!

I'm having troubles checking out. I can't enter my Credit Card info into the boxes. What should I do?

If this keeps happening to you, use the Paypal option to checkout.  You don't need a paypal account to use paypal.

I think what's happening is certain browsers are not allowing users to enter their card info into the boxes as a security measure.  You may want to check your security features on your device or browser.

Again, you can use the Paypal option to checkout and it works nearly everytime and you don't need a paypal account to use it.  

If you still have troubles feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Why can't I download the videos to my iPad or tablet?

-  You can NOT download any of the videos to your iPad or Tablet, only your desktop.  BUT....You can download the Vimeo app (free) and use the feature called "watch later."  Once you add a video to your watch later folder you'll then be able to view it offline at anytime.  It won't be downloaded anywhere it will just remain inside the Vimeo App.  I think this is a super cool feature that Vimeo offers!  AND... of course you can just STREAM the video right in as you are most likely online anyway.  🙂

Why can't I access the zip file on my iPad or Tablet?

You can't open zip files on iPads or Tablets.  You'll need an app do to so.  Download the iZip or Winzip, both are free, and you'll be bale to unzip the files.  Then you'll have the PDFs to view or the MP3s to listen to.

Let me know if you have further problems or questions about this.

I'm Having Problems downloading or finding the download button for the video lesson

There could be a few reasons for this- But here is one thing to try.  First, using the Chrome browser seems to be more video friendly.  If you're not seeing the download button, disable the security protection for that page, and the buttons will display on the screen.

You may notice in the Explorer browser that the buttons appear for downloading but, once you click on the button the video may take a long time to download or not even start.  Again, I recommend the Chrome browser as it seems to handle playing and downloading of video much better.

Do I need to be a Member to purchase a lesson or a package of lessons?

No!  You don't need to become a member to purchase lessons at the store.  Think of the website as having two sides - One side is the store where you can purchase single or packages of lessons as you please.  The other side is the membership area where you can access all my material if you choose to become a Premiere Member.

Also, you can choose to become a "Free Member" and still purchase songs at the store.

* Questions about logging in and managing your account.

My IP address is blocked from your site. What should I do?

Email me ASAP!  Let me know your IP address by going to www.whatsmyipaddress.com and then just email me what it is.  I'll take of it rather quick and get you back into the site.

[email protected]

I'm trying to reset my password but I'm not getting an email. What should I do?

Once you begin the process of resetting your password (after you've entered your email) you should receive an email in your inbox to finish the process.  If you don't see it in there it's most likely in your 'spam' folder.  

If you still have troubles contact me directly.



Do I need to be logged in to download/access my material?

Yes!  Not matter if you try from your confirmation email or your account history, you must always be logged into download your lessons.  I wish I could change this but I simply can't.  Please let me know if you've forgotten your password or need to reset it.  Thanks.

* Questions about Memberships.

How to Access the Member Area and What it Looks like


Download restrictions for members. (Please read if you're strongly considering being a paid member.)

Pro Members get access to tabs and practice tracks only (No Video).  You are allowed to download 6 sheets of music (or zip files) every 30 days starting the day you make your first download.  It does not reset every billing period.  Each .zip file contains the PDF tabs and 3-5 practice tracks for that song.  You can access and listen to all the practice tracks for an unlimited amount in the "All Practice Tracks" area.

Premiere Members get access to everything (Yes, to full length video!).  You are allowed to download 8 sheets of music (or .zip files) every 30 days starting the day you make your first download.  It does not reset every billing period.  Each zip file contains the PDF tabs and 3-5 practice tracks for that song.  You can stream all videos at any time and all the time!  Audio is unlimited plays.  You will be allowed to download the same file multiple time without it counting against your monthly download limit.If you have further questions please not dot hesitate to email or call me.  Thanks!

How to I cancel my membership? What are the specifics?

You can cancel at anytime.  Once you do you'll have access to the member area until what was supposed to be your next scheduled billing date.  You'll be able to take care of everything inside your account.

If you signed up using your Paypal account, you'll simply login to your Music With Ryan Account, look for the "unsubscribe" button and follow the directions through Paypal.

If you signed up with Stripe there will be a button on the "My Account " page that says "submit form" and once you hit that your membership will be cancelled instantly.

Please email or call if you have further questions.  Thanks!

How will I know how many downloads I have remaining each month?

The system will keep track of your downloads and will prompt a little screen each time you want to download a tune.  It should say something like "You have downloaded 2 files of your 6 in the last 30 days, are you sure you want to download?....."

Also, you can download the same tune or file as many times as you'd like.  So, if you want to have it on different devices you can download it all you want and it won't count against you.

From time to time I've had an issue with the download counter resetting.  If you experience this problem please let me know and I'll make sure to get you the correct amount of tunes for the month.

Where is the Free Member Area? Or Where are the free lessons located?

All free lessons are posted in the Free Member Area at the site.  You can access this area as long as you have an account at the site.  If so, log in, go to 'my account' and then click on the button that says "Go to member area" and then click on the 'browse lessons' button under the icon that says "Free Member Area."

If you're logged in there may be a link in the upper right-hand corner that says 'Free Member Area' too.  That will, of course, take you directly to the Free Member Area.    Again, you must have an account and be logged in to access the free lessons.

Let me know if you have further questions.

What are your prices for your Premiere Membership?

Annual Billing - $219.99

Monthly Billing - $22.99


All fees are recurring. 


Can I upgrade my account or become a paying member using Paypal?

Yes!  If you'd like to use Paypal as a way of paying for your membership just go to "my account" and look for the upgrade buttons using Paypal.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Do you offer refunds for your memberships?

All membership purchases have a 14-day refund policy.  You're more than welcome to a full refund within 14 days.

 After 14 days of purchase, all sales are final.  

How do I know when my next payment is due or when my last day of access is?

You can find this out by clicking on 'my account' then click on "Update Billing Info/Next Payment Due".  Then you'll see a dropdown menu, click on "next payment due/last day of access."  This will tell you when your next payment will be processed or if you've cancelled your membership, it will tell you the last day you can access the member area.



* Gerenal Questions.

Will you write up sheet music, tabs, or chords charts specifically for me? Would you make a video lesson just for me?

-   Absolutely!  If you would like me to create a video lesson or write tabs for a song that I don't have in my library you can hire me to do just this.  I usually have a few people every month.  They hear a song or see something on Youtube and they can't find a good lesson for it.  They email me what song or recording they'd like and we work out an agreement to make it happen.  I charge $50 an hour for private work, the same as my private lesson rates.  It usually takes me 3-4 hours to complete a video lesson and 1-2 hours to complete a tab and practice track.

How long will it take you to get back to me if I have a question?

-  I will handle all customer service emails and phone calls within the business hours of 1:00-9:00pm U.S.A. central standard time.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a return email or phone call.  With that being said, I often can't handle it when people are having a problem accessing their material or have questions before they purchase.  So, I'll often get back to people very quickly and I'll respond on the weekends from time to time.

Do you offer refunds for your Rhythm Course or Beginner course?

Yes.  If you don't like the course you've purchased, found it useless, or was of no value to you I will be happy to offer a full refund within 30 days.  After 30 days the sale is final.

* Learning to read the tabs.

Understanding the Tablature and/or the Sheet Music

People often ask what all the markings mean on the tab.  Here is a short video to help you understand more of whats going on on the sheet/tab music.