About Ryan

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Ryan Kimm holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music in Guitar Performance.  He majored in Classical Guitar, studied Saxophone, Bass, and Piano.  These skills laid the foundation for becoming a better musician and teacher.  After school, Ryan began playing, listening, and studying Bluegrass to the likes of Tony Rice, Doc Watson, and Bill Monroe.  This fueled his passion for becoming a flat-picking bluegrass guitar player.  He was also able to study with Grammy-nominated guitarist Russ Barenberg which propelled his playing to a new level.  Learning Bluegrass and acoustic music drove him to learn more of the stringed instruments such as upright bass and Dobro


Now, at age 32 Ryan's knowledge of genres has begun to expand leading him to pursue music he never thought he would such as soul, pop, western swing, and funk.  Ryan has taken his experiences from the stage and put them directly into the classroom.  There are a handful of groups who have made a serious impression on the way he plays, thinks, and writes music.  Learning from the pros, Ryan has been able to pass along the nuances of playing in bands, what it takes to listen to each other, and how to work together as a band.  One of his motto's is "Once you think you've heard everything, go back and listen again."


Mission Statement

A few of my biggest passions are to perform, teach, and learn.  I do my very best to bring this energy to my students.  I want to push them as far as they want to be pushed or go as slow as they need to become comfortable with learning.  The question I often ask myself is "What will make it fun for the student?"  People who stick with learning music do so because it's fun.  It doesn't have to be the only reason but it seems to be the biggest.  I try to bring that out of my students.  This also requires some hard work from the student as well.  Learning guitar or any musical instrument can often be difficult and frustrating.  I know from experience!  If one really wants to become a better musician they must be dedicated and practice.

Each student has a different learning style and one of my jobs is to figure out how they learn music.  I'm looking for students who are willing to learn about themselves, be dedicated to their instrument, and most of all, have fun playing!  If your not having fun, your missing the music.